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Hair systems, toupees, wigs, and all kinds of hairpieces exist for a great variety of reasons. However, they all come to one fabulous purpose. Jump into this useful and optimistic chapter about renewing your confidence in yourself! How? By making the right hair choice for you!

What started it?


Hair systems have been around for centuries now. Only that, in the past we would call wigs to what has now evolved with technology to be called great pieces of hair solutions of many different features. They can both fully substitute your hair, or give you back the looks you had years ago.

Remarkably, the most common hair wearer is someone that experienced hair loss or similar hair problems. However, hair systems are not just for putting back that young hair you once had.

As many celebrities like John Travolta, Tyra Banks or Keira Knightley opened up about using hair systems and wigs on a daily basis, the number of hair wearers grown exponentially. From an object that existed to simply hide a flaw, it became a beauty enhancement product, that is now an indispensable item for some happy hair users!

It turns out that hair systems can give us back not only hair, but also surprising new looks, fantastic new ways of styling our hair, and, most importantly - self-confidence.

Accordingly, the industry has evolved to respond to the many requests and different kinds of hair systems that users want. Advent Hair has been in the business since 1984 and has known the experience and knowledge necessary to give you a full heads-up on how you can get rid of hair clubs and achieve great looks for good.

Why we experience hair loss?


People all over the world experience hair loss for many different reasons and in different moments of their lives. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Medications
  • Medical treatments
  • Hereditary causes

These factors can sometimes combine and make some lose all their hair in a short time, OR, like stress, it can be around for a month and quickly go away.

One thing important to keep in mind is that hair loss affects both men and women.

As a result, many people seek hair replacement systems, such as wigs, toupees, or hairpieces, to get a look that is natural and unnoticeable.

Because every person’s hair, genes, temperament, and needs are unique, so is the hairpiece that you choose.

You may purchase hair systems as pre-made, or custom pieces.

Due to modern advances, the number of different hair solutions on the market today can be astounding. And with bases that offer outstandingly natural-looking hair, you can get a solution that looks exactly like your natural hair.

Selecting the perfect hair system


Are you looking into using a hair system for the first time? Finding the perfect one for you depends on many factors. Depending on how much hair loss you’ve sustained, your budget, your hair color and style, and some other concerns. Likewise, the type of hair replacement system you choose must be thought through. Let us give you some of the most critical factors:

  • Fit: Depending on the contour of your head, frontal recessions, and other factors, your hairpiece will vary. As such, being able to customize and fit a hair replacement system entirely is critical as to having a hairpiece that will satisfy your needs.
  • Cost: Hair pieces can be exorbitantly expensive. However, there are many different budgeting and pricing options for different hair systems that can help you fit the perfect hairpiece into your budget.
  • Quality: From hair that matches yours in color and style to a piece that looks and feels natural, the quality of hair pieces may vary. Finding parts that work for you is tricky, but very rewarding when you get it!
  • Maintenance: From products to maintain the hairpiece to seamless attachment methods, finding the right maintenance routine that meets your hairpiece requirements is crucial.

Taking into account all these four essential features of a hairpiece, you can easily find a budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing hair system that is right for you.

Hairpieces for men and women


Due to genetics, men tend to go through hair loss much more commonly than women. While men accept it, this is not the right solution for others who want a natural-looking hair to improve their appearance and look more youthful. Fortunately, there are many types of hair replacement systems available to men that allow them to have natural looking hair, including:

  • Stock hair units
  • Toupees
  • Custom hair pieces

While hair loss for women is less publicly addressed, it's an issue which many women face. And because hair is essential to a woman’s looks and how she feels about her appearance, finding beautiful, rich, and natural hair pieces is vital for many. Depending on the amount and type of hair loss a woman has, one of the following hair replacement systems may be the right one for you:

  • Stock and custom hair pieces
  • Hair integration systems
  • Full head lace wigs
  • French lace systems and partial frontals

Real hair wigs vs Synthetic hair wigs


There’s plenty of advocates, both offline and online, of real hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs continually presenting arguments on which one is better. So, is the grass really greener on one side of the fence? Let’s find out!


Real hair wigs: 


  • When taken good care of, real human hair looks and feels more natural than synthetic hair does.
  • Increased durability. Human hair wigs and hair systems can last for over a year with proper care.
  • They offer a vast variety of bases and hairline material options. The better the material, the more natural a wigs looks.
  • Real human hair wigs can be colored and styled just like your own natural hair.
  • They can be styled and curled just as you would fix your own natural hair.


  • There is way more maintenance and looking after involved. To preserve your hair systems natural look it needs to be washed and deep-conditioned on a regular basis. Always remember only to use products specially made for natural hair wigs!  It would help if you didn't wash your human hair hairpiece with regular shampoo or shampoo for synthetic strands.
  • Because of its nature, the human hair is usually more expensive than synthetic hair. It comes from a human head after all, doesn’t it?
  • Some people don’t know this, but it needs to be styled out of the box. Good hair replacement providers can match your desired hair color, length, thickness, and texture, but it’s impossible for them to match the exact hairstyle you want. So you need to get a haircut to your hairpiece, just like you would with your own hair.

Synthetic hair wigs:


  • Synthetic hair wigs are easy to care for, compared to real hair ones: wash it, dry it, shake it and wear it! Remember to never clean a synthetic hair wig with regular shampoo and conditioner, and use products made for synthetic strands.
  • As said before, synthetic hair is kind of immune to humidity, so that it will hold its style no matter what.
  • Provided you have a variety of synthetic hair wigs, changing your hairstyle is as easy as taking off your hair system and putting on another one.
  • Synthetic hair wigs tend to be the less costly alternative.
  • It doesn’t require additional styling.


  • Even with proper care, they don’t last for too long. The average synthetic hairpiece will last for 4 to 6 months on average.
  • Most, if not all, synthetic hair wigs should not be straightened or curled. Heat will damage the strands.
  • The same thing goes for styling. Unless you are OK with taking risks, you’ll be stuck with the haircut the wig comes with.
  • Some synthetic hair gives off an unnatural shine.
  • In some cases, they can look “too perfect” and therefore end up looking unnatural.

Size and shape

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 23.05.28

Hair systems sizes and shapes are not standard. That's why you will need to provide an accurate measurement of your head. Also, choosing the correct size and shape will allow you to have a more natural look and a better fit.
However, first, we need to know how should we measure!
Hair length is the size of the hair from the roots to the tip, as the hair is straight. Curly and wavy hair systems are usually 1-2 inches shorter than straight ones (it depends on how pronounced the curl is). Wigs and extensions are measured differently.
A wig is measured starting at the crown to the tip of the hair, whereas extensions are the same length all over the head, whether it's the crown or the nape.
Knowing the right measurements of your base size will allow you to choose the best fit for a hair system. The size depends on how big the hair loss area is., they are usually divided into four types:

  • Partial size: Hair loss areas equals or is smaller than 4” x 4.¨
  • Regular size: Hair loss area with a size larger than 4”x 4” and up to 10”x 8” (or within 80 square inches of total area)
  • Oversize (or larger size): Hair loss area larger than 10” x 8” and up to 10” x 10.”
  • Full cap: Hair loss areas larger than 10” x 10.”

Some tips to have an accurate measurement:

  • To have a better size figure use a cloth measuring tape.
  • When measuring, don’t hold the tape too tight, let it a bit loose.
  • Avoid the tape getting twisted when measuring, it must always be flat.
  • Measure at least three times to have an exact measure.

Types of hair systems

In Advent Hair, we have a variety of hair systems for men and women that adapt to each person needs and requirements. We have available both custom hair systems and stock hair systems.


Custom Hair System for Men:

Custom hair replacement systems for men are available in 2 sizes, Full Head Wigs and Top of the Head Wigs:



Custom Hair System for Women: 

For women's hair replacement needs, we can manufacture every type of hair system, ranging from top-of-head to ¾ caps, full-size caps, as well as Integration pieces.

Each of these different types of hair systems requires an understanding of the area of coverage, hair color, length, density, and texture.  In many cases, we will need a template.


Custom hairpieces and wigs require a template and hair samples and take approximately six weeks to build for you.  Once we have all of the specifications like hair color, density, and wave, we can easily reorder them anytime you need one.


Pre-made Hair Systems:

Also called stock hairpieces, these are available in all of the popular base materials and the base sizes.  They vary from 7” x 9” thru 8” x 10”. The larger size is the most popular. It can be trimmed down to a smaller size if needed, making it very practical and easy to use.


Men pre-made hair systems:


The three primary base types are:

  • Fine Mono Base: Fine monofilament, a good beginner’s base.
  • Skin Graft Base: It’s a smooth, skin-like material with various levels of thickness.
  • French Lace Base: This is a breathable lace mesh which allows the scalp to be seen, creating a realistic look.

Women pre-made hair system:



The most recommendable hairpiece is the one that suits you best. The one that allows you to have a perfect fit, color, and shape. The number of people using a hair system keeps growing every day! Even famous people use them, like John Travolta, Tom Hanks, and Jude Law. With all of these products available, we assure you that you can achieve a natural, renewed, good-looking hair, and even be able to style it.

With all of these varieties of options to choose from, there is no doubt that you will double your confidence!

Placing your hair system


After receiving your new and fabulous hairpiece you are ready to put it on and show it off to the world. The good news is that fitting your hair system on is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Learn the best tips and instructions for a perfect fit and a natural look.

Part 1

  • Choose a hair system: How do we install a hair system if we don't have one yet? That's why this is our first step! As mentioned before, there are three principal kinds of hairpieces: full lace, partial or front lace and non-lace. You must choose one that goes with your style, makes you feel comfortable and confident about yourself.
  • Prepare your hair: Comb your hair evenly until there are no bumps or uneven places. It doesn't matter if you have short or long hair - the point is to have all your natural hair pulled back from your hairline, so it won't be visible once you place your hair system.
  • Prepare your skin: If you don't have hair you probably skipped the last step, but this one you can't miss! Remove any oils and impurities from your hairline. It will help the new glue applied to stick better to your hairpiece.
  • Apply scalp protector: To prevent skin irritation or damage, apply a scalp protector to all the area around your scalp.
  • Put on a wig cap: This step is optional if you don't have hair. But whether you have short or long hair, using a wig cap is recommended. You can choose between net wig cap or skin toned nylon wig cap. To apply, gently stretch the cap over your head and line it up perfectly with your hairline, making sure all of your hair is underneath it. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins around the outer edges.
  • Apply the adhesive: The form to apply the adhesive varies if it's glue or tape.
  • Adhesive glue - When using glue, dip a small brush into the glue and apply a thin layer around your hairline. Let it dry for a few minutes. You'll know it's ready when the glue is no longer thin or wet, and is instead sticky.
  • Adhesive tape - Carefully place double-sided strips along your hairline, securing it firmly to your skin. To ensure that moisture can get out when you sweat we recommend to leave small spaces between each strip of tape.

Part 2

  • Prepare your hair system: Sometimes the hair of your hairpiece can get caught up on the adhesive if not pulled back correctly. You can prevent this from happening by pulling all of the wig hair into a ponytail, or if the wig hair is short, clipping it closest to the edge as possible.
  • Place the wig on your hair: Hold your finger at the area of the wig that will be at the center of your forehead. Put it over your head and gently lay it down on your scalp, centering your finger on your forehead. After this, gently pull the rest of the wig over your head. Make sure you keep the sides away from the adhesive as much as possible so it doesn't stick before you're ready.
  • Secure the wig: Once you have placed on your hair system don't forget to double check it! You may use a fine-toothed comb to help you carefully press down the front edges of the hairpiece. If you're using a lace wig, double check the lace areas are smooth against your head, allowing a natural hairline look. After the front half of your hair system is secure, we recommend waiting around 15 minutes for it to set. Then follow the same steps as the front on the back side. Wait 15 more minutes before you style to ensure the wig is secure.

You see? Applying your hair system can be so easy! Once you are sure your system is strongly secured over your head, you can go out to the world and show it off. You are now free to style your hair however you wish. Remember it can be as fun and adventurous as you want!

Different types of brushes


Brushes are a wonderful styling aid, but many people don't pay much attention when it comes to buying the right brush. Incorrect brushing, especially with the wrong type of brush can cause severe damage to your natural hair and hair system. Having a healthy and beautiful hair system demands good care, and of course, the ideal brush!

It’s simple! Though, you should know your hair system. Is it straight, wavy, curly, or oily? Is the texture baby fine, thick or heavy? Knowing all the characteristics of your hair system will make it very easy when it comes to buying the ideal brush.


Types of Brushes  

There are tons of kinds of brushes, and even though they may have a very similar look, they all have different features. The best brushes for hair systems and wigs are:

  • Hair Doctors Comb 7¨: This is much more than a comb. Specially designed for combing hair systems, the teeth of the comb each rotate independently to quickly eliminate snarls and tangles without pulling. Reducing damage to hairpiece base. This comb is 7" in length and fits easily into your back pants pocket, your briefcase, golf bag, even in your car's visor.
  • Remy Soft 123 Loops Brush: If you wear hair extensions, a wig weave or hair system, this brush is an absolute must-have in your daily hair care routine. With its classic black cushion and easy-grip handle, this brush is designed to maintain the natural appearance of your replacement or enhancement hair. Loop bristles will not catch on hair extensions, wigs, weaves or hair systems.
  • Remy Soft Beauty & Opulence Boar Bristle Brush: The brush smoothly glides through hair, smoothing down fly-aways and evenly distributing conditioning oil, to ensure a lustrous shine, even in dry hair. With a classic black cushion, soft matte-finished handle, and the perfect mixture of nylon and pure boar bristles, this is the must-have hair styling tool for all hair types.

These fantastic brushes improve hair texture, reduces frizz and helps detangle hair! They're also made for conditioning long hair.

Choosing the right brush is the first important step to protecting and having a healthy hair system. Along with having all the right tools, like shampoo, conditioner, and comb, it will give you a perfect and natural look.

Styling your hair

AH - Blog Replacement Hairstyle

Wigs can be fun, practical, and the perfect accessory to give yourself a fresh look if you decide to style it up. It takes little effort and much creativity! Nevertheless, you should first know the basics to not damage your hairpiece, and keep it with a natural look. There are some rules to be followed, and good advice you can get, so here are our tips in questions and answers that might pop in your mind. Let's jump in!


Can you give a cut yourself to your wig?

Yes, but take slow steps in the process. Firstly, try out your wig, make sure it’s not bent or misplaced, and think about the exact shape you’d like to go for, and that adapts best to your face shape. If you’re a daily user of hairpieces, do the cut while it’s still on your head, and try to cut your own hair along with the wig’s hair at the same time, so that you can achieve the best cut simultaneously. If you want your hairpiece to go shorter but let alone your own hair, merely hide all that is your own hair and start cutting off the sections that bother you, thoughtfully and slowly. We recommend that you start cutting less than what you thought of cutting the first place. Lastly, if you’re looking forward to just giving it a shorter length, hang your wig somewhere, you can access it easily from all sides, and then start cutting.


Can you style a synthetic wig?

For sure. The best way to style synthetic hair is with water and heat, also known as steam. However, if you want to add curls to a synthetic hairpiece, you might want to try out hot rollers or wet set the hair. Always place the wig under a hood dryer at low heat to that it can completely dry out naturally.


Can you use hairspray on a synthetic or natural hair wig?

Although a natural hair wig doesn’t regenerate or moisturize as it happens with your own hair, you can use hairspray on it, as long as you wash it out later, and follow basic maintenance routines.However, hairspray for human hair is especially damaging to a synthetic wig, and it can actually deteriorate the fibers. Most of synthetic wig care products should be fine for your synthetic wig. However, if you use a lot of mousse, gel, or spray on your wig, it will likely need to be washed more often.  


Can you curl a synthetic wig?


If you're using synthetic hair extensions or a wig, read the product label to see if it can be heated. The name should tell you how much heat the synthetic hair can handle. They usually can be styled, but heat is a sensitive issue on synthetic fibers, so always take easy steps there.


Can you use hair dye on my synthetic wig?

Synthetic hair color can be darkened, but not lightened, so it is best to start with a white or platinum blonde hairpiece if you’re looking to darken the color. Methods, such as using fabric dye or cream color dye, both offer ways to alter the color of a synthetic hair and are very easy to apply at home. It’s always preferable to hair dye wigs that are made of natural hair.


Can you use hair dye on human hair wigs?

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be dyed much more easily. Use the same hair dye, the same developer, and even the same tools to dye your natural human hairpiece that you would use on normal hair.Always wash the wig after dyeing it to keep it clean, healthy, and shiny.  


Can you style a wig with a gel?

Avoid using products like hairspray and gel meant for human hair and not specialized, hair system products. Products made for natural hair can deteriorate your wig's fibers. Instead, use a bottle of water to gently wet the wig and style it with a wig brush or, better yet, your fingertips!Excessive heat and synthetic fibers do not mix, and you'll be out of a wig in no time if you use this method.  


Can you dye your hair extensions?

We can assure you can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your natural hair. Including: dyeing, cutting, heat styling and chemically processing your human hair. Many weave wearers dye extensions to get an exact match to their natural hair color. Just keep in mind that, unlike your natural hair, hair extensions won’t last forever, and if you keep dying and styling them up, they won’t hydrate the same way your hair does.  Dying your hair systems can be fun, creative, and refreshing, try it!


Can you color your hair wet?

We advise you to dry your hair first, if you want a permanent new color. It's easier to apply and doesn't get diluted by the water in the hair. Generally, you should apply color to dry hair, but some do need to be applied to damp hair (never wet).

Instructions on removing your hair system

Removing your hair system doesn't take much time but you shouldn't be in a rush either. Finding the correct moment to do it is the first step. Then, prepare all the things you will need for the process, this will allow you to be organized and save time.


You're going to need the following products:

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel
  • Adhesive Remover (99% alcohol or citrus based oils)

Instructions on how to remove your hair system


  1. Apply a hair glue remover directly on the area of the hair system that is secure to your scalp. Spray around the edges of the unit (if you are using a spray). Allow the remover to soak in for several minutes (at least more than one minute) and break down the bond or the adhesive. This step is very important because taking off the hair system too quickly will avoid the solvent to do its job.
  2. Remove your hair system from the back in order to protect the front hairline. Use your fingers to locate the edges of your unit. If you are using a full cap, start from the sideburns.
  3. After some time and you locate the back edge, gently scrape across the hair system with your fingertips and begin to apply pressure, gently removing the hair system. Help yourself using a soaked pad between the bottom of the base and your scalp as you peel it off from back to front, this will help to lose the bond.
  4. Continue this process until the unit if all the way off. But don’t pull too hard! Avoid to scratch or tear the base material and be patient, it will go off nice and easy.
  5. Wash your hair with shampoo and water to remove any residual adhesive removal product. This will make easier to reattach your hair system again.


Through every phase of the removal process, you must be very gentle. You don’t want to pull too hard on your system and cause any type of damage. Patience is also very important for this process, as well as choosing quality products. After following these instructions your hair system will be ready for reattachment. Don’t forget that a good cleaning must be done!

Don't forget to take your time when it comes to removing your hairpiece. There is no need to do it in a rush. Using the right techniques and taking your time will help the lifespan of your hair system and help you save money!

Why choose Advent Hair?


Advent Hair has been in the business of hair systems since 1994. It’s been 24 years now, and we’re happy to have gathered over the years more than fifteen hundred satisfied customers.

Starting as a direct manufacturer of quality made hair systems, over the year we have perfected the ordering and communication process with the Asian hair system manufacturers. We’ve decided to extend our offers with women hair systems, and our factory now manufacturers thousands of hair replacement units per month for individual hair wearers and salon resellers throughout the world. So if you decide to get your hair done in a hair studio, there’s a very high probability of getting Hair System products.

We’re happy to give you 5 reasons why should opt for Advent Hair’s hair systems and care products. Get to know why we’re the very best at what we do!

  1. 1500+ satisfied customers, and counting:  One of our main goals is to make sure our clients are delighted. It’s what kept us in business all these years – to listen to their requests, make custom quality products, and keep them coming back. We have attracted a customer base who have come to trust Advent Hair to deliver outstanding custom and stock hair systems and attractively priced supplies right to their doorstep in discreet packaging.
  2. We keep quality control of our product: We’re happy to be more in touch with our manufacturers than ever before. We visit our factories in Asia frequently, so that we can make sure our product goes out with the best quality we can provide. Also, we like to make sure our partnership is built on trust and good communication so that our deliveries can even come out perfect.
  3. Free US ground shipping: We offer FREE Ground Shipping in the US Lower 48 States (excludes HI & AK) for $100+ orders, but you must enter the coupon code - FREESHIP - during checkout to receive free shipping on your hair system products.
  4. 100% satisfaction policy: All of our hair systems have an unconditional guarantee* for 100% satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with the nonsurgical hair replacement, just return the product - uncut and unaltered in any way - within 15 days of receipt, for a prompt refund (less shipping), no questions asked.
  5. We’re always here for you: We have a toll-free line that will help you in figuring out what’s the best product for you and help you with other questions and assistance you might need. Although we run an online business, we succeeded in building some tremendous professional friendships, so we’d be thrilled if you would like to visit us in Boston. If you plan on visiting Boston, plan on attending us! We love making personal connections with our customers.



We hope that this guide through the fabulous world of hair systems helped you have a better understanding of your hairpieces and helps you decide which one is better for you and how to take care of it correctly.

At Advent Hair, we offer all these hair loss solutions for you, and more! We understand how important it is to have hair you are comfortable with, and we provide top-quality hair replacement systems and care products for you in an affordable, and accessible manner.

So after all is said and done, which one is the better option? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Would you prefer a customizable, more natural look? Go with a real hair wig. Alternatively, you’d prefer a less costly, easier to maintain alternative? You can’t go wrong with a synthetic hair wig. In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences and taste.

The good news is that at Advent Hair, we have the solution for you, and we'd be glad to help you choosing the perfect fit. Give us a call! We care about your confidence and good looks as much as you do.